Rivakka products Hammer mills - Silo mill with concentrate dispenser


Silo mill with concentrate dispenser

The Rivakka silo mill with concentrate dispenser makes prepared feed automatically. The hammer mill suctions and grinds the grain into the silo. The silo's level guard drives the mill as needed. The concentrate dispenser feeds the desired amount of concentrate into the flour during the discharge stage. The control centre has a 24-hour timer which can be used to fill the silo, for example utilizing off-peak electricity. The mill can easily be attached to an automatic dry feeder or take prepared feed to a distribution cart.


Mill motor
7,5 kW / 11 kW
Unloading/mixing motor
1,1 kW
Milling capacity 400 - 1400 kg/h
Suction power 2 x 20 m
Flour container volume 900 litraa
Concentrate container volume
100 litraa
Length 295 cm
Width 95 cm
208 cm